The Communicator communicates

What can students do with the web?

Go take a look at The Communicator, the on-line newspaper of Community High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

What could those students do with a history classGeography? Literature? Mathematics?

Photo illustrating story at on-line version of the student publication Communicator, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Photo illustrating story at on-line version of the student publication Communicator, Ann Arbor, Michigan


3 Responses to The Communicator communicates

  1. davidpj says:

    Thanks for the link, Ed – it’s a very polished site for high school students, and I was impressed with some of the articles. Yeah, they’re highschoolers – we can’t expect deep insight in every article – but it’s better than just about any other equivalent I’ve seen!


  2. Ed Darrell says:

    How crabby and crabbed must one be to denigrate the good work of high school journalists?

    Where’s your blog, Hattip? Can you do as well?

    In a better world, somebody like Hattip would read the students’ work, and learn from it.


  3. Hattip says:

    Looks like the usual left-wing claptrap fobbed off on the young as “creativity” and “concern” to me.

    Pretty lightweight fare so far as I can see.

    Oh, and students are not supposed to “do” anything to a “history class”; the history class is supposed to “do” something to the students.

    In a better world, a history class would not “teach” them how to deconstruct their civilization but to appreciated it, how to live in it and, who knows, perhaps contribute to it. Along the way they might learn a smidgen of humility, self-reflection and self-control. They would also learn what a hideous force collectivism has been on Man’s lot.

    But those classes would have to be taught by people other than unrepentant ’60’s radical retreads and wannabes.


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