Blogger shadow cabinet

It was Jim Benton’s idea (he posts here occasionally as PRUP).  It blossomed at Cogitamus and Dispatches from the Culture Wars.

A shadow cabinet made up of bloggers.

Not having had to suffer through any of my lectures, Jim suggested me for Secretary of Education.  As the powerless go, high school teachers and Secretary of Education are on a par.  Sort of a lateral move.

But I’m flattered to have been thought of at all.

Sir Charles at Cogitamus:

Also, my list is way too laden with white dudes.  I know that there are more women bloggers and bloggers of color who would enhance any cabinet, but I’m having a hard time coming up with those who have a distinct policy area — likely the fault of not reading widely enough.

Anyway, here are a few thoughts, but I definitely want to hear your line-ups.

  1. Secretary of State – Josh Marshall – Why? Because I said so.
  2. Secretary of Treasury – Atrios – Really is there any other choice
  3. Sec. of Health and Human Services – Ezra Klein — who else is going to read all those regs.
  4. Attorney General – Scott Lemieux — And no, not a fucking chance.
  5. Secretary of Transportation – Matt Yglesias — Supertrain! (Or maybe HUD)
  6. Secretary of the Interior – Our own minstrel hussein boy — He’s got the rez cred and he can cook.
  7. EPA Director – litbrit – She’d be all over those pollutin’ muthafuckas
  8. Secretary of Education – ari — Maybe he’d have to arm wrestle Eric Rauchway for it.
  9. Secretary of Labor – Who do you think? Nathan Newman, of course.
  10. Chairman of the EEOC – Pam Spaulding – (Chairperson?)
  11. Chairman of the Fed – Bill McBride of Calculated Risk
  12. National Endowment of the Arts – Roy Edroso

And how about Amanda as Chief of Staff — she’d be tough with the right people — and Markos as the DNC Chair.

How about your suggestions for fantasy blogger cabinet?

Best deal:  Track those posts down.  As I did, you’ll find some good blogs that should be on your reading list, but probably aren’t.  Ideas, now those are powerful things.


3 Responses to Blogger shadow cabinet

  1. It’s only flattery if it’s insincere and overblown. FWIW, I think you’d be a great President :)


  2. Ed Darrell says:

    Mike, only if you agree to be Chief of Staff.

    Thanks. Flattery goes a long way with me.


  3. I’d like to refer you to my comment on the Dispatches post :)


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