Foul ball! OUCH!

Rangers Ballpark panorama, 6-8-2010, Rangers v Mariners - IMGP2029 - photo by Ed Darrell, use permitted with attribution

"Hmmm. Sitting here, we might be able to catch a . . . FOUL BALL!" Click thumbnail for larger view

Kathryn scored some great seats, with great parking pass.  Rangers ran away with the game, eventually, beat the Mariners 7-1.

Just after I took this panoramic shot, I thought I should put the camera away in case a foul ball should come our way.

And then it did.  Fast!

I got a bruise on my left thigh where the little spinning devil first hit, but it spun away and bounced about three rows in back of us.  On the way it took out the nachos of the guy next to us.  Whoever got the ball probably got a cheesy surprise.

I have the bruise, but lost the ball.

Another surprise: The brätwursts down on the lower level of the Ballpark at Arlington are pretty good — not so good as the bräts at Miller Stadium in Milwaukee last June, but very good.

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