NJ Gov. Christie applauds video/cyber assault on special education teacher

You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Teachers, they hate you out there — some people do, at least.  Who?  Republicans.  The War on Education is getting pretty serious, now with Republican operatives using techniques of public shaming made famous in Moscow in the 1920s and in Mao’s China in the 1970s.  Consider this:

  1. Sleazeball political hack James O’Keefe, R-Sodom,  tried to get a New Jersey special education teacher drunk, to hit on her, to get her to dish on her colleagues.
  2. Not just any teacher — a special ed teacher commended by President Clinton for risking her life to save the lives of her students.
  3. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) then applauded the resulting video, saying it indicates a problem with teachers.  (Christie has his own anger management issues, it appears.)

Godwin’s law prevents us from making the obvious comparisons.

James O'Keefe, hired thug

James O'Keefe, undercover political hoaxster -- teachers, if you see this man and he asks you about education, call the police and your education association that provides your liability insurance, and do not talk to O'Keefe.

Details at The New Republic.

It’s Republicans Gone Wild, with all the depth of analysis and moral backbone such a title implies.

Tip of the old scrub brush to Ed Brayton at Dispatches on the Culture Wars.


7 Responses to NJ Gov. Christie applauds video/cyber assault on special education teacher

  1. george.w says:

    The Republican party is pretty much run by Fox news now. There could be proof on the street that O’Keefe is one of the Lizard People and their viewers base would never hear about it. It’s a closed loop.

    I’m not saying O’Keefe is one of the Lizard People, mind you; I’m just asking the question.


  2. Nick K says:

    Ed, I trust you heard about Michele Bachmann, Keyes and several other Republicans advocating that the People’s Mujahideen Organization of Iran should be taken off the State Department’s list of terrorist organizations.

    Oh look…Republicans supporting terrorists.


  3. Nick K says:

    And Morgan, you’ve once again proven that you’re a morally depraved bastard by defending Christie and that criminal jackass O’Keefe.

    Your party is actively trying to destroy this country and what it stands for, Morgan. And there you sit, like the fool you are, gleefully clapping like a trained seal.


  4. Nick K says:

    Lefties tend to lead with the outrage? Really?

    Tell us, chuckles, what do you think the Repukeicans were doing when they dreamed up “Obama’s death panels” on health care reform? Or was that not “leading with the outrage” in your book?

    See here’s the problem you’re facing. The outrage that Republicans lead with…its all lies and bulls—. When Democrats are outraged…we’re outraged because of something that actually happened.

    Or to put this a little more bluntly…Democrats value the truth and Republicans hate the truth.


  5. Ellie says:

    Did Christie put his response on YouTube? I know he loves that YouTube fame. Hey! Look at me! Look at me! Watch this one!

    Whether or not he will, in the end, be good for New Jersey or not remains to be seen, but OTW, he’s lost all credibility with me with his support of this lower than a gnat’s toenail sleaze merchant, James O’Keefe. When you lie down with dogs….


  6. Ed Darrell says:

    Gee thanks for the trackback, since Morgan can’t stand comments at his site.

    What happened? The Republican “ruin-a-reputation-for-the-fun-of-it” machine picked a sympathetic target. Worse, this O’Keefe guy turned on his source. He found a teacher willing to complain about light punishments doled out for minor (to Morgan) infractions — and he made it appear she was the villain. She was suspended from her job (Memo to Alissa Ploshnick: You have a fine defamation suit against Mr. O’Keefe. Quietly get a lawyer to file the case. Damages? No problem — you got suspended, you’ve been embarrassed by false accusations; yeah, you really said something you probably shouldn’t have, but then O’Keefe played it as if you said something illegal and firable, and that’s libel. Go get him.)

    What went wrong? You have a rube of a governor in Chris Christie bullying the teachers, and you have the young Blackshirt O’Keefe making riot on the Appian Way, and blaming it on others. You really should read history sometime, Morgan.

    And you should quit sniping at teachers, and tell your conservative fool friends to stop it, too. It was no “leftie” who “led with the outrage.” O’Keefe is a card-carrying Republican Blackshirt bully, who performs things that rightfully and righteously earn outrage. This is the same racist punk who brought down ACORN — and, darn for you, all the subsequent investigations revealed ACORN hadn’t done anything wrong, and didn’t even do what was portrayed on the video. Conservatives got punked.

    If your kid told you a lie like that and you ended up with egg on your face in the newspapers, you’d take your kid to the virtual woodshed, with at least a lecture about honesty and truth telling — and you’d wait for the chomp of the teeth before you believed the kid if he cried “Wolf!” O’Keef is the spawn of your political movement. Your kid. What are you going to do?


  7. […] also don’t understand something else: What the heck happened here. As I’ve pointed out before, lefties tend to lead with the outrage, which sometimes — a […]


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