Bathtub reading on a cold February day . . .

Stuff to make you think:

  • Do you care? At least 16 members of Congress passed up on the government-sponsored health care plans, trying to be true to their campaign promises to repeal similar care for all citizens, a plan they try to ridicule as Obamacare.  Some of them discovered other plans “available from the market” are expensive, don’t cover pre-existing conditions, and generally don’t meet their needs.  Crooks and Liars explains:

Nevertheless, Republicans are discovering the truth: The status quo is unsustainable, unaffordable, and discriminatory. Now what will they do about that? And how will they appease their angry hordes of Tea Party members being stoked daily via email and fear campaigns?

  • Arctic Ice disappears, and so does the evidence Tim Lambert notes that those wacky pranksters at the Heartland Institute managed to find one small part of a chart to make a case that Arctic ice is increasing, even as Russia and China prepare to beat the U.S. to trans-Arctic shipping when the ice disappears.  Whose side is the Heartland Institute on, again?  It’s a new propaganda tactic:  The Small Lie.

There are people who need to soak their crania.  Back to work, here.

2 Responses to Bathtub reading on a cold February day . . .

  1. Thanks! Unfortunately, compared to the legion WUWT followers, I am neither fit nor strong, but I hope to muster sufficient support to have a good crack at Goliath.


  2. Shelley says:

    Re Frontline on multitasking: as writers we can only be grateful when someone points out that there are important, rewarding experiences that demand sustained uninterrupted attention.

    One is literature. Another is love.


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