Tea Party birthday?

George Washington signed the law authorizing the first U.S. census on March 1, 1790. [True]

[Satire, below?]

I presume, then, that the post-Boston, Tea Party dates from the protests of the census beginning on March 2, 1790.  “Nothing but what the founders intended in the Constitution,” was the muddled battle cry of the early Tea Partiers.

Editorials pointed out that Washington himself had presided at the Constitutional Convention, but Tea Partiers would have none of it.  “If the King James Version was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for the ‘new King George,’ they yelled in New York City, outside Washington’s home.  “Patrick Henry didn’t throw tea in Baltimore Harbor so some tyrant could ask us how many are in our family!”

Washington denied that the capital’s move to Philadelphia later that year had anything to do with the protests.

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