Radiation dose comparison charts from XKCD

No, there’s no humor in this thing — just good, solid information.

XKCD put together a chart that shows in geometric terms how various radiation doses work. With a tip of the pen to Bob Parks, the chart notes that cell phones don’t count here because cell phones don’t put out ionizing radiation, the type that causes cancer, but just radio waves.

The chart won’t be easy to read here — click on the image and go to the XKCD site for a bigger, more readable image:

Radiation Dose Chart from XKCD

Radiation Dose Chart from XKCD

It’s a good, clear graphic in its full size.  Go see.

5 Responses to Radiation dose comparison charts from XKCD

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    How about we leave the posts so we get the information that the site is Pantex? I couldn’t remember the name of the company when I posted.


  2. Bryan says:

    PPS. Please delete last comment. I was thinking of a different post. Still waiting for the coffee to kick in this morning.


  3. Bryan says:

    PS. I thought I posted a comment yesterday that pointed out that the Panhandle site is, literally, Panhandle, TX, home of Pantex, America’s only nuclear weapon assembly/disasembly site (according to Wikipedia).


  4. jd2718 says:

    Just printed it – almost legible at 8.5 x 11. Will post it on my door – kid’s naturally read color charts before anything else. Thanks.


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