You couldn’t make it up

Yeah, I know — Eagles sang about how things would “get down to the bone,” but I don’t think they meant it the way this birther said it:

I knowingly and of sound mind would ask as a.bonified Citizen of the United States of America request that our President “Barrack Hussein Obama ” step down from


"Bonified" genius

(That’s it.  No end to the sentence, no end to the clause.  No period.)

You think, maybe, he meant bona fide?”

Ick.  “Bonified” suddenly brings all sorts of ugly visions.  Others have thought of it, too.

2 Responses to You couldn’t make it up

  1. James Hanley says:

    Which reminds me of an incident that happened way back in 1987 in Yellowstone National Park. A group of us were driving through the Lamar Valley in the NorthEast part of the park to go hiking, and talking and laughing gaily in the car. Coming around a curve we suddenly saw a guy walking beside the road, a long long way from any car we’d seen, and instead of a left arm there was just bare bone sticking out of the sleeve of his t-shirt.

    Instant dead silence in the car, and for close to a minute afterward. Finally someone cautiously asked, “Did you see…?”

    It was a great hoax; spooked the hell out of all of us. And I doubt the guy had any idea of just how successful his little gag was.


  2. Pascal says:

    My bone to pick is that this ossified citizen does actually finish his statement in the next comment. Though he does seem to have some trouble with his keyboard.


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