Are you ready to deal with effects of global warming?

Why not?  These guys argue that the most rational solution is to get ready to deal with the problems, and stop worrying about the science behind “whether.”

If a global warming debate about certainty and cause only deepens doubt and defensiveness, what kind of debate would create support for action? We saw Hurricane Katrina as an opportunity to shift from the tired debate over cause and prevention to a new discussion about preparedness, thus reframing global warming from certainty to uncertainty and from limits on human activity to greater activity. Regardless of the cause, global warming is here and we need to prepare for it in the same way we prepare for any other imaginable natural disaster, not knowing exactly when or where it will strike. Global Warming Preparedness was created to test the possibility that action on global warming could be taken, not in spite of uncertainty, but because of it. (Breakthrough Institute, Plan for Global Warming Preparedness)

Are they right?

(Reminds me of the old wisdom from the Starbucks coffee cup.)


One Response to Are you ready to deal with effects of global warming?

  1. Pangolin says:

    Hmm, ignore the guys pouring gasoline on your porch and waving lighters and go get the wieners and marshmallows.

    You’re going to have a fire one way or the other; why not barbecue?

    Wha’da ya mean that you like the house the way it is? The house is DONE.

    Not really the best logic in the world. Lacking a certain finesse. Missing a bit of factiness. Like: the geologic evidence is that rapid climate changes happened multiple times in the past. Changes so rapid that “agriculture” (food, if you’re a conservative) would be likely to fail more often than not.

    It’s like leaving a five-year-old, in a car, parked on a steep hill, and telling him not to play with the emergency brake. You might get away with it; but think what happens if you don’t.


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