Olbermann on debt ceiling bill: “Four great hypocrisies”

Keith Olbermann doesn’t like the debt ceiling compromise, and tells why:

One suspects he has not read all the specifics of the bill.

One may also fear he’s right anyway.

A requirement for passing a Constitutional amendment is clearly unenforceable — perhaps illegal (such pledges are considered corruption, generally prosecutable).  Not that it matters.

Ronald Reagan said we shouldn’t negotiate with terrorists, but then did.  Now we see why we shouldn’t.

The Tea Party took the U.S. economy hostage.  They sliced up the hostage, and got quite a bit in ransom.  This is not a good way to run politics.  Shame on them.

2 Responses to Olbermann on debt ceiling bill: “Four great hypocrisies”

  1. Bea says:

    Where do I have to go to protest ? how are you going to get organized in South Florida?
    Excellent article!


  2. Mary Hall says:

    The only comment I have is AMEN!!!


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