Yosemite Nature Notes extra: Time lapse of people visiting

Among other things one might observe from this film, one might note that Yosemite National Park’s beauty is so great that it looks good from almost any angle, even with tourists plastered all over it.

This was released between Yosemite Nature Notes #14 and #15, and I find no other description.  This remains a wonderful series showing off the geography and natural phenomena of Yosemite.  I wish there were similar programs for Yellowstone, Glacier, Denali, Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, Big Bend, Great Smoky Mountains, and for the Adirondack State Park in New York, among many others.

2 Responses to Yosemite Nature Notes extra: Time lapse of people visiting

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    It’s only showing 4,256 hits today — I think it needs to be a bigger social media hit.

    You move in a special social media crowd, Robert! What’s big with them this year?


  2. Saw this last year! it was a big Social Media hit then….


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