Jack o’ coffee? Coffee o’ lantern?

From our almost-Starbucks at our local Tom Thumb (Starbucks closed the three freestanding outlets in our area, alas):

Caffeinated Mermaid o'lantern in Duncanville, Texas - IMG_20101010_193804 photo by Ed Darrell

Mermaid o'lantern caught at our local Starbucks kiosk in our local Tom Thumb supermarket, 2010. Photo by Ed Darrell, an MFBathtub exclusive.

A shot from my Motorola Droid which, alas, was taken hostage by scurvy thieves a few weeks ago.

I think I need another cup of coffee.

One Response to Jack o’ coffee? Coffee o’ lantern?

  1. Ellie says:

    Love that pumpkin! Starbucks used to be an every workday thing for me. Just the right stuff to wake me up on my break. This does remind me of something I saw and heard whilst standing in line, that convinced me I never wanted to be a barista.

    Customer to barista: I don’t know what I want. What flavor is the Maple Latte?

    Barista: It’s maple flavored.

    Customer: Really? Then I don’t think I want that.


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