Economics videos to accompany your class

Mary McGlasson at Chandler-Gilbert Community College in Phoenix, Arizona, has created a series of more than 30 YouTube videos explaining basic economics.  Like this one:

Econ teachers, can you use these on your class websites?  What do you think?

One Response to Economics videos to accompany your class

  1. Black Flag® says:


    Not “too bad” – though it infers judgement on the decisions – for example, where it judges rich/poor and says “it is not a perfect system”.

    However, it is a perfect system, but the observer merely judges the outcomes of a set of declensions as unfavorable – though, there is zero reason -other than her subjective opinion – to why.

    One of the challenges to a student of economics is to separate their emotional investment to an outcome to the reality of why one outcome over another occurred.


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