Theological disproof of evolution? Hornworms and braconid wasps

“Nature red in tooth and claw,” the poet Tennyson said.

Darwin thought these critters a clear disproof of creationism — no god would make such creatures intentionally!

Mark reports at The Divine Afflatus:

Hornworm Hosts its Destruction

While admiring some ground cherries outside my front door, I noticed a number of leaves had been stripped off. Not grazed on by the deer that frequent the area, more like eaten by caterpillars. After a brief search I spotted a hornworm munching away. I didn’t bother killing the hornworm because, after all, the ground cherries are weeds growing amongst the black-eyed susans, and it’s less work for me if they take care of the weeds.

I looked again a few days later, and saw that the hornworm had sprouted numerous white appendages. These are the cocoons of pupating braconid wasps. Braconid wasps are parasitoids that inject their eggs beneath the skin of the host (hornworms are favored by the braconid wasp Contesia congregatus). After feeding on the convenient meal surrounding them, the wasp larvae emerge and spin their coccons, attached to the body of the unfortunate hornworm. In a few days, adult wasps emerge from their cocoons, leaving a dead caterpillar.

I later spotted a second hornworm, which suffered the same fate as the first.



6 Responses to Theological disproof of evolution? Hornworms and braconid wasps

  1. lowerleavell says:

    It’s not too much of a big deal. Just misspelled “threw” with “through”, added an extra word here and there, etc. :-) Thanks Ed!

    Maybe I just illustrated that I am a fallen human who reflects the fact that we are all imperfect. :-)


  2. Ed Darrell says:

    E-mail me a corrected version, I can substitute it.


  3. lowerleavell says:

    I wish there was a way to edit posts after writing them for grammatical mistakes. I think I’d do it a lot! :-)


  4. lowerleavell says:

    This is a theological point that you and I have hammered on already, so I’ll be brief.

    The Bible says there was no death before sin but death came as a result of sin (Romans 5:12). After Adam and Eve rebelled against God’s authority, God cursed the earth, which is the beginning of weeds and other destructive properties (which I believe started entropy, death, viruses, etc.). What earth looked like that before is unobservable and untestable without God’s direct intervention and so it is a theological belief rather than a scientific one.

    So yes, I believe that God created the braconid wasp, but I believe that its feeding habits are directly related to man’s choice to rebel against God which threw the entirety of creation “out of whack” so to speak as God cursed the ground…the Bible says “for mankind’s sake.” Why? For one, because we were placed as stewards over God’s creation (which is the real reason we actually should be careful of how we treat this planet). Second, the reasons why the ground was cursed was so that we would not be content here on this earth but would look rather groan for a new heaven and new earth where he/she would be restored to a place of paradise.

    Mankind’s basic problem now is that we are seeking to restore utopia on a sin-cursed earth independently of our Creator, which is totally ludicrous. In recorded history, there has NEVER been a full year of peace across the globe but has always seen warfare and violence. Shoot, even the USA has been in like 14-15 military engagements just since Vietnam! When are we going to wake up to the fact that death is a result of our rebellion against God and that He sent His Son Jesus to restore us to a right relationship with Him? Jesus actually took the curse of our rebellion against God on Himself when He went to the cross (Galatians 3:13)! The fact that He rose again from the dead indicates that He is victorious over death, and so death no longer holds any power over those who place their faith in Him. When Jesus physically returns to earth, the Bible says that the curse will be removed (Revelation 22:3) and that a lion will lie down with a lamb (Isaiah 11:6), signifying that even animals will no longer need to kill each other to survive. Only through Christ will true peace be found, not just for mankind, but for the creation as well. The Bible also indicates that creation groans for that day (Romans 8:22). What will that restoration look like and how will it be scientifically possible? I have no clue…but I can’t wait to find out!


  5. Ed Darrell says:

    So, God isn’t the creator of the braconid wasp?

    Who is the creator, for creationists, Joe?


  6. lowerleavell says:

    Yeah, it really is gross. Of course Darwin assumes that nature that we observe today is exactly the same as God initially created it when He called it “good” before the fall of man and the earth was cursed.


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