Obama, on the Republican budget plan

Obama drew the line in the economic sand, for 2012:

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5 Responses to Obama, on the Republican budget plan

  1. Tell you what, Joe, why don’t you educate yourself and figure out why exactly Obama’s budget got the reception it did.

    But even if his budget didn’t get any support..it was for damn sure far more sensible and humane then Paul Ryan’s. After all Paul Ryan’s boils down to “I got mine, **** you.”


  2. Ed Darrell says:

    Granted. Similarly, a zero vote from one’s own party doesn’t detract from the value of the arguments made against other budget plans, if any. Budgets shouldn’t be made by reputation, but instead with study of balance sheets, economics, and clear understanding of cause-and-effect in public policy. Ryan’s plan appears to hope no one knows any better.


  3. lowerleavell says:

    I didn’t say I prefered Ryan’s plan. I merely said that Obama’s “zero” vote from his own party doesn’t really lend him any credibility in chastening someone else’s budget plan.


  4. Ed Darrell says:

    Every president’s budget plan has been pronounced “dead on arrival” since 1978. No one has a budget that will rally any rational troops at the moment. Did you see CBO’s analysis of the Ryan plan you seem to prefer? “CBO Shows Ryan Budget Would Set Nation on Path to End Most of Government Other Than Social Security, Health Care, and Defense By 2050.”

    It’s easy to bring down the cost of home maintenance if you take a jackhammer to the foundation of the home. Of course, you can’t live there, and the value is destroyed. But the cost of maintenance comes down dramatically.

    We don’t need to worry about Trojan Horses. We have Rep. Ryan.


  5. lowerleavell says:

    And Obama’s budget plan got how many more Democrat’s votes than Ryan’s plan? His record on coming up with budgets that will rally his own troops let alone bring the country back together does not lend to his credibility, whether he is right in this video or not.


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