Made-up quotes? On the internet?

Loved this post on Facebook (also here):

(W) We apologize for posting two hours ago an un-verified quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln. He is the most quotable notable in history, he is ALSO one of the most fraudulently quoted…

In the 32 months of editing this page, we were corrected a few more times. I am including those for your reference:”The best part of the internet is you can make sh– up and people will believe it.” ~Benjamin Franklin

“An internet rumour is more to feared than a thousand bayonets.”
~Napoleon Bonaparte

“I pwned those n00bs.” ~FDR, 1934

“lol wtf” ~Barack Obama, 1981

The power of the Web and Being Liberal community is in a JOINT knowledge. We have learned that all errors are VERY quickly crowd-verified. THANK YOU Dear Liberals!

Hoax Abe Lincoln Quote

Watch:  Someone will take one or more of these quotes as accurate.


4 Responses to Made-up quotes? On the internet?

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    Still tripping, actually. Safe so far, a few frustrations, but some stellar observations and some stellar people along the way. Stay tuned. Thanks for the good wishes.


  2. As long as we’re sticking to strictly-humor on this Friday night…

    Lifting a glass in your honor, Ed. And hope you had a wonderful and safe trip.


  3. Ed Darrell says:

    That’s the spirit, Morgan!


  4. Watch: Someone will take one or more of these quotes as accurate.

    It’s true. Lincoln said it. I was there.


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