Photos from just another day at Denali . . .


Interior Dept photo, America's Great Outdoors, Denali National Park and Preserve

Interior Department photo, America’s Great Outdoors, at Denali National Park and Preserve; photo caption from AGO said, “We’re not sure it’s possible to take a bad photo up there!”  Click for larger view.


Update:  Interior tweeted another photo later today.

Denali Wildflower, U.S. Department of Interior

From the U.S. Department of Interior Tweet: This morning we gave you an amazing shot of #Denali. Would you believe this one is from the same place? Whether large or small, beauty in Denali is everywhere you look. #Alaska

Can someone identify the flower?


One Response to Photos from just another day at Denali . . .

  1. Sam Kabo Ashwell says:

    The flower looks to me like the buds of fireweed, also known as rosebay willowherb. Fireweed is the real, albeit unofficial state flower of Alaska (the official one is forget-me-not, which suggests that the people who choose these things were unduly squeamish about weeds and inattentive to actual cultural significance.)

    Fireweed is a hardy colonist plant, usually the first thing to grow on disturbed mineral soil. In the UK its main association is with Blitz bomb sites; in Alaska it grows thickly on road margins. Fireweed blooms in mid to late summer, and the usual line is that when the fireweed flowers start dropping, winter’s on its way. Which transition is kind of a huge deal in Alaska.


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