GOP trying to shutdown votes of military, veterans, senior citizens in Ohio?

I thought the thing in Ohio was settled.

I get e-mail from the Credo Action Network:

Don’t let Republicans steal the election for Mitt Romney

Ohio has emerged as the latest front in the Republican scheme to derail democracy by disenfranchising millions of voters. Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, a Republican, in a blatant partisan move to steal the election for Mitt Romney, is trying to put an end to early weekend voting before Election Day. This change in Ohio election practices specifically impacts minority and low income voters.1

It’s not just Ohio. It’s also Florida and Pennsylvania. Earlier this summer, CREDO Action members signed over 87,000 petitions and made over 1,600 phone calls urging Senator Patrick Leahy, the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, to hold Congressional hearings on brazen Republican efforts to steal the 2012 presidential election in other key battle ground states like Florida and Pennsylvania. With Republicans showing no sign of slowing down their tenacious efforts to steal the election, we’re escalating our call for Senator Leahy to hold hearings to investigate the GOP effort to suppress the votes of millions of voters in key battleground states across the country.

Tell the Senate Judiciary Committee: Hold emergency hearings on Republicans’ schemes to steal the presidential election in key battleground states.

A prominent Ohio Republican state official has already openly admitted that Husted’s efforts to shut down weekend voting would result in African Americans voters having a more difficult time voting.2 A federal district judge struck down Husted’s effort to restrict early voting during the three days before the election, and after initially resisting that court order Husted backed down for the time being, pending appeal in higher court.3

But the crisis is not over. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit that will be reviewing the district court decision to strike down Husted’s efforts to restrict early voting is “a Republican-leaning court with a history of partisan decisions benefiting the Republican Party.”4

The situation in Ohio is crucial given its recent history in Presidential elections. In 2004 hundreds of thousands of predominantly minority and Democratic voters were disenfranchised on Election Day due to massive lines and “widespread electoral dysfunction.”5 As Ari Berman reported in the Nation:

According to one survey, 174,000 Ohioans, 3 percent of the electorate, left their polling place without voting because of the interminable wait. (Bush won the state by only 118,000 votes).6

In response to the mess on Election Day in 2004, Ohio reformed its electoral process by adding early voting before Election Day, leading to a “much smoother experience” in 2008.7 The opportunity to vote early led to record turnout for African American and low income voters.

Now the Republicans in Ohio are working to disenfranchise thousands of those voters in racially diverse urban centers such as Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland. The restriction on weekend voting is specifically aimed at disrupting minority voters – for example, African-American churches historically rally their congregants to the voting booth on the Sunday before the election.8

Tell the Senate Judiciary Committee: Hold emergency hearings on Republicans’ schemes to steal the presidential election in key battleground states.

The Republican elections officials in Ohio, along with their counterparts in Florida and Pennsylvania, should be trying to help more eligible voters participate in the democratic process, not disenfranchise minorities and the poor.

With Congress returning from summer recess this week, Senator Leahy needs to get the message from as many Americans as possible that it’s not okay for Republican elections officials in Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio – or any other state — to engage in systematic effort to disenfranchise U.S. citizens for the explicit purpose of swinging the election to Republican Mitt Romney in November.

Let’s keep the pressure on Senator Leahy to hold a public hearing on the GOP war on voting today.

Thank you for standing up for the right to vote.

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What’s your view?



7 Responses to GOP trying to shutdown votes of military, veterans, senior citizens in Ohio?

  1. Jim says:

    Well, Tool posted in September of 2012. He has yet to provide evidence. We shall presume he was — as most of his ilk — just talking from his posterior.



  2. James Kessler says:

    Democrats engage in voter fraud? Oh really? then prove it. Show the actual evidence.

    Because w spent five years looking and found
    D only eightysix cases. And when the Pennsylvania gop tried defending their voter ID law the judge asked them to show evidence and they openly admitted they had none.

    So threaten your little civil war just because your party can no longer win elections honestly anymore. But you’re only proving your own treason


  3. Flakey says:

    Whatatool, how is the coming civil war planning going?


  4. Jim says:


    Prove it.



  5. Ed Darrell says:

    You wouldn’t make stuff up, now, would you Whatatool? (Do I even need to ask that question when you’ve got a handle like that?)

    The Nation, Ari Berman – Indeed, between 2000 and 2007, there were 32,299 UFO sightings in the United States, 352 deaths caused by lightning, but only nine cases of voter impersonation, according to a great new infographic by Craiglist founder Craig Newmark.

    o GOP Secretary of State convicted of election fraud in Indiana

    o GOP Governor’s campaign manager convicted of election fraud in Maryland

    Vote fraud is very, very rare. But when it happens, the GOP is probably more likely to be the instigator than any Democrat.


  6. Ellie says:

    There will be no civil war once our reptilian overlords show themselves.


  7. Whatatool says:

    That is rich. It is the Democrats that engage in voter fraud, not the GOP. What complete nonsense. The very idea that the GOP would “tamper” with the Military vote is absurd on the face of it.

    The democrats just want more days to engage in voter fraud in inner cities. They managed to shop it around to one of their pet liberal judges.

    It is a simple as that. The democrats cannot will elections outside of the political machines without voter fraud. you would know that if you had a brain in your head.

    Here is another clue: The democrats manage to steal this election and there is likely to be civil war sooner or later.


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