Flag etiquette: Cowboys Wal-Mart fail on flag flying

December 24, 2012

C’mon, Cowboys Wal-Mart — you can do better than this! As displayed, the U.S. flag is on the wrong side (should be on our left as we view); from the other side, they are both upside down.

Flags improperly displayed in Wal-Mart

Texas and U.S. flags improperly displayed at the Wal-Mart across the street from Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Flags are either backward, or upside down. Photo by Ed Darrell, from my iPhone. Any reuse of image requires proper attribution.

The white-shirted guy is one of two Mormon missionaries doing their shopping for the week; had I not had to wait for them, I may not have looked around to notice the improper flag display.


When the decision NOT to use a gun changed the world

December 24, 2012

Sometimes it doesn’t take a gun at all.

Nelson Mandela in 1962

Nelson Mandela outside of Westminster Abbey in 1962 — this trip, without permission from the South Africa government, led to his indictment and arrest.

Impressive story about the mystery of Nelson Mandela’s arrest in 1962, at The Wall Street Journal — a story by Peter Wonacott, on December 22, 2012, page C3.  After all these years, how the South African government was tipped off that Mr. Mandela would be where he was, posing as who he posed as, remains a mystery.  Mandela was arrested, tried and convicted of several crimes, ultimately spending 27 years in jail, refusing to give up his cause to gain his freedom.  When the system bent to his wishes, he was released from jail and elected president of his nation.

The key paragraph in the story, the point where the long arc of history was forcefully bent to justice and peace:

Mr. Mandela has described how he had hidden a loaded revolver in the car that day in 1962 but decided not to use it. Choosing not to fight his way out began a journey that would take him through prison to the presidency on a platform of peace, forgiveness and reconciliation among the nation’s races.

Increasing the number of people with an increasing number of guns, however, does not offer more opportunities to change history like that.



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