Trombone time: Dave Finlayson and GoPro on the slide

Trombone players are nice guys, usually.  Something about the mellow tone, the difficulty of mastering a non-push-button (valve) instrument, and having to fill in the low parts where the egotistical trumpets can’t go.

My older brother Wes played trombone, and that sucked me in — the junior high band didn’t have any trombones, and some neighborhood fink ratted out that I had one in my closet.  My playing ended in college.  Younger son James played first chair in the Duncanville Wind Ensemble, a group that steps a lot of musicians right into pro slots; older son Kenny switched from trumpet to baritone in the same group (you can hear Kenny in that recording of the Wind Ensemble).  In Kathryn’s family, it’s almost required be a trombonist.  Uncle Darrell plays, still, in a symphony in Utah County, with various other uncles and cousins staffing bands from Ogden south to Provo in Utah.

So, of course, Dave Finlayson’s marriage of a short piece and a GoPro camera appealed to me right off:

You don’t recognize Dave Finlayson?

From GoPro’s site:

David Finlayson set out to make a GoPro video with his trombone and ended up with a surprise – a viral video with hits numbering over one million! Check out the extended cut David and GoPro produced — orchestra night, anyone? David is a trombonist with the New York Philharmonic – check out David’s channel for more videos at


3 Responses to Trombone time: Dave Finlayson and GoPro on the slide

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    Can you do “Flight of the Bumble Bee?” That would probably make the camera dizzy, let alone anyone watching.


  2. Ed Darrell says:

    I think it makes a difference whether you’re the trombone player, or the slide.

    Maybe you’ve have more sympathy for your slides from here on out!


  3. Darrell Knowles says:

    I didn’t know playing the trombone was so much work. I was actually tired after watching that. Maybe because I was out of breath, too. Great new perspective and a nice job of playing this difficult instrument! Now I’ll have to try something like this.
    Thank you.


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