War between frogs and dragonflies: Frog fail!

Which do you think eats more destructive insects, a frog or a dragonfly?

In the war between frogs and dragonflies, for which do we cheer?

Browbeat said:

You should read Natalie Angier’s entire piece about dragonflies from yesterday’s New York Times, of course. But first, you should watch the video above, by Andrew Mountcastle, which accompanies the piece. You should watch it again and again and again.


2 Responses to War between frogs and dragonflies: Frog fail!

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    That’s cool. Here in Dallas, a congregation of dragonflies often occurs over dry ground — usually indicative that the fire ants are swarming. The dragonflies eat the budding queens when they rise up.


  2. In wet years, probably not this one, dragonflies dance every afternoon in August among the trees outside the window where I write. It’s magically uplifting.


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