Sky that makes people repent

May 28, 2013, in Buffalo, Oklahoma.

May 28, 2013, in Buffalo, Oklahoma. Photo by Chris Sanner, Tornado Titans

Tornado Titans comment at Facebook:

“Main Street Buffalo” – Looking down Main Street of Buffalo, Oklahoma as a severe thunderstorm dumping large hail sits nearly stationary just north of town. I’ve been wanting to get a scene like this for a long time. This was still in the late afternoon and it looked like evening outside, the locals were wondering why I’d keep running out in the middle of the road in between traffic with my camera one guy stopped to ask us if we were broke down. Great people!

You see a few of these skies in a week, you’re not so anxious to stand outside and deny global warming caused by humans.  With luck, enough people will be driven to repent of their denialism, and we can get some serious action to restore the atmosphere.


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