Every major league pitcher needs a change up; in politics, too

I don’t generally post these posters, except to take issue . . . but this one made me chuckle.

Daily Edge poster,

Daily Edge poster, “Not Reagan, you idiot. Obama.”

Text, with English teacher editing:

He created 9.9 million jobs in a record 53-month stretch of uninterrupted job growth.
He reduced the deficit by $800 billion within 5 years, and grew the stock market by 142% within his first 2,000 days.

Not Reagan, you idiot:  Obama.

3 Responses to Every major league pitcher needs a change up; in politics, too

  1. Two factors suffice to explain the improvement in performance over the White House’s previous ocupant.

    Cigarettes and beer.


  2. Ed Darrell says:

    You mistake Bush’s additions to the deficits for Obama’s — but this poster talks about reductions in the deficits. Different animals, of course you know.


  3. Black Flag® says:

    What nonsense.

    Obama had trillions to the debt – typical politics, make up a lie, present it as fact and cheer about it.

    And, yes, Reagan was an idiot like Obama. There are no good presidents – they are men, unable to convince reasoned men of their ideas who then use guns and force to push those irrational ideas.


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