If great scientists had logos . . .

These are quite creative.  I wonder who invented them?

Other possibilities?


Edison's logo?

Edison’s logo?


3 Responses to If great scientists had logos . . .

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    For Shockley, I replaced both the C and the K.

    Good idea, Onkelbob!

    Shockley as a logo, with transistor


  2. onkelbob says:

    Boy he missed the easiest one of all:
    {Omega}hm Greek letter omega followed by hm for Ohm.

    Shockley with a transistor symbol for the “c” would be good,

    Kirchhoff with resistor symbol instead of “i”, and lightning bolts for the “f”‘s.

    Perhaps I’ll put a few together for you…

    Crick had a logo of sorts. He wore a red Velvet jacket all the time while at the Salk. Not hard to spot when he was in the audience I’m told. His license plate was ATCG. (He had a Mercedes 500 SL)

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  3. Lars says:

    Take a look at the logos here (http://monstersofgrok.com/).


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