Ice sheets thick as a denialist’s head

Cartoonist Randall Munroe at XKCD demonstrates ice age issues.

Of course it was a cartoonist. Where else does one go to find the truth these days, but the cartoons?

XKCD dramatically shows differences in North American cities and their relationship with their local ice sheets, 21,000 years ago.

XKCD dramatically shows differences in North American cities and their relationship with their local ice sheets, 21,000 years ago. Cartoon by Randall Munroe.

Enric Sala wrote about our disappearing ice for the World Economic Forum — a post worth reading.

Twenty kilometres in 20 years. That’s how much the Ilulissat glacier has retreated as this mighty, flowing river of ice crumbles into the ocean. It sounds like a lot. But I did not fully realize what this meant until we flew over the Ilulissat icefjord. It takes 10 minutes for the helicopter to fly over the amount of ice that has been lost because of global warming – in this glacier alone.

The speed at which the glacier moves has doubled relative to that in 1998. My scientist brain, accustomed to working with numbers and large scales, had a hard time absorbing this information. If I was rationally aware of the consequences of global warming from scientific reports before, now I felt it emotionally. This is what my trip to Greenland with a group of World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders did to us. It made us move from knowing and caring to be desperate to do something about it.

The experience also made us realize that all the international negotiations and agreements to date are not going to help avert the imminent catastrophe. Not even the boldest targets to reduce carbon pollution put forward by the smartest nations are going to move the dial. It’s all an illusion of movement, kind of like Alice in Wonderland’s Red Queen, running and running but not going anywhere.

Truth on ice.

There is a difference, though.  Ice thins, gets weaker, and covers less area.  As that happens, as the planet warms, the density of denialists does not appear to decrease, at least not fast, and not toward greater understanding and less insanity.


22 Responses to Ice sheets thick as a denialist’s head

  1. Black Flag® says:

    You make observations and claims about the observations without fact.

    Hence, they are dismissed outright.


  2. Black Flag® says:

    and blocked, as usual.


  3. Black Flag® says:

    “Reality is, BF, that you don’t give a damn about people.”

    Complete sophist bull—-.
    Because you cannot demonstrate a thread of reason for you position, you believe that means I do not give a damn about people.

    As always, you demonstrate the mind numbing zealotry of your position.

    You are advocating a lie.
    You want money and resources to be consumed to prevent what your lie pretends will occur.
    You waste time money and resources of humanity.

    You do not care. Your zealotry is supreme.
    It is YOU who does not care one wit about humanity. You pretend “NATURE” must be guarded regardless that it wholly unnecessary.

    You posit irrational claims about “Co2” – the molecule of all life on earth. You fear it, thus, you fear life.

    Look, if you so believe your position, sell your car, disconnect yourself from the grid.

    But you won’t. You want EVERYONE else to do that, but not you.

    “All for me, none for you” is your mantra.


  4. Ed Darrell says:

    If your life and livlihood depend on the local environment, when that environment heats up, it can be trouble.


  5. Ed Darrell says:

    Ooh. More trouble.


  6. Ed Darrell says:

    “Only the zealots claim that a warmer world is a disaster . . .”


  7. Ed Darrell says:

    ” . . . and the dunes came for China. But I did nothing, because I don’t like commies and I didn’t know China had deserts.”


  8. Ed Darrell says:

    Reality is, BF, that you don’t give a damn about people. You think so long as you’ve got your Mountain Dew and cable, there’s no need to lift a finger to help anyone else, to do anything that might make life last longer for people alive now, nor make things better for our children and grandchildren.

    If you were paying attention (and I mean, reading for comprehension, rather than just waiting for me to shut up so you can spout, or figuring out how to make a half-plausible complaint about what I write), you’d note that Toronto was inhospitable 21,000 years ago. No lattes on street corners, no traffic jams, no agriculture outside the city — no cable, no Mountain Dew.

    Three million years ago or so when CO2 was well above 350 ppm, Toronto was equally inhospitable to humans. No latte, no streets, no crops, no cable, no Mountain Dew.

    Either way is fine with you. You don’t live in Toronto. You don’t much care for the Blue Jays and you don’t understand Canadian football.

    But you’re worse than Niemöller at his most lackadaisacal. Global warming has come for the communists; instead than just be silent, you cheer their destruction. Not only are you not a communist, you don’t like ’em much. And so it goes. Is there anyone you do like? (I’m assuming you have no children.)

    For the misanthrope, another’s disaster always gives a great feeling of schadenfreude — that stupid sucker should have listened to YOU. I know, you claim to be libertarian, but that’s only because you fear someone will actually come for you if you admitted you’re an anarchist. Or maybe, deep down, facing up to your anarchy scares you. You can wave your arms about libertarian policies, insisting that what are obvious economic, political and moral errors or libertarianism are instead just misunderstandings of what libertarianism really means; but misanthropy, or anarchy, that involves actually thinking about justifying doing nothing to prevent the death and destruction of others.

    Now that our food prices are zooming, our transport costs are rising due to climate-change effects on the seas, our food businesses are crashing, and the ice sheets are sliding off Greenland in search of more Titanics, what do you propose?

    Remember, you’re not a denialist.


  9. Black Flag® says:

    Boy, Ed, you can’t read, can you?
    I posted the “Year without Summer” and its consequences, but to you, this is an example of being “too warm”…..

    You are one confused bat….


  10. Black Flag® says:

    Your man has no brain to believe that such an event was man made climate.

    The fact is, Ed, that cold kills and warm grows. Ain’t a lot of food grown in the Arctic or Antarctica….


  11. uknowispeaksense says:

    Reblogged this on uknowispeaksense.


  12. Ed Darrell says:

    A man with a brain, and common sense, would consider after watching summer go to hell, then fall go to summer, then winter go to hell, then spring flood out the farmers who had too little water the previous twelve months, what in the hell is going on to screw up human life.


  13. Black Flag® says:

    A man with a brain would consider, after watching summer go to fall then winter, then watching winter go to spring to summer, which condition manifests life and which one destroys it.


  14. Ed Darrell says:

    Not sure what you’re saying, BF. First you deny that warming causes trouble, then you post an article about warming causing trouble that changed history.

    Can’t hear what you’re saying, because your rebuttal rebuts your case.


  15. Black Flag® says:


    As if…. kinda seems to me California is doing ok or does your zealotry pretend they are dying in the streets by the thousands, too??

    hohohoho!!! if a drought is caused by “anthropogenic climate change”….


    You’re a laugh a day, Ed.


  16. Ed Darrell says:

    “Only zealots claim that a warmer world is a disaster . . .”


  17. Black Flag® says:

    Only the zealots claim that a warmer world is a disaster, though throughout history, it has always been a colder world that has wrecked itself upon humanity.

    You, as usual, has up to be down, black to be white, and then have the mental paucity to call it “truth”.


  18. Black Flag® says:

    Mental bizarre world in your head and of the zealots.

    Let’s see. The Earth has been warming from an ice age for the last,oh, 100,000 years, therefore the warming today must be caused by man.

    Yep, your brain is all iced up.


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