How to report the news

February 2, 2010

This is the video version of the how-to-post-an-incendiary-blog-post piece I noted earlier.  The elder son of the Bathtubs brought it to our attention a couple of days ago:

And then, just as I was posting, I got a note about this post at Tome of the Unknown Blogger.

Yeah, this has already gone viral, and well it should.  Chris Clarke and Charlie Brooker have each captured the essence of knowledge and information passing in different realms.  Journalism schools should pay attention.

This is a post you should read, for your own peace of mind

January 27, 2010

Or, perhaps, this is the sentence linking to the post you should read for your own piece of mind.  This is the three word sentence, starting with “At,” which points to Coyote Crossing, and which lacks a subject and a verb.  This sentence urges the reader to be sure to read the comments at the link.

What's this?  The masthead from Chris Clarke's Coyote Crossing blog. Nice painting by Carl Buell.

What’s this? The masthead from Chris Clarke’s Coyote Crossing blog. Nice painting by Carl Buell.

This sentence offers the trite shake of a scrub brush, symbol of this blog, to the blogger who linked to the blog to which the previous sentence linked.

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