Feynman’s last chalk boards

April 1, 2009

Amazing the things you stumble into.

The boards in Feynman’s office, at his death.  From Physics Today, 1989.  Image posted at H. Kleinart’s site.

(Click on the image for a much larger view.)

Feynmans last boards

Feynman's last boards

Tip of the old scrub brush to Codex reperio.

Feynman: The beat goes on

March 11, 2008


I believe this is an excerpt from a NOVA tribute to Feynman, which has never been available commercially so far as I have found.  Anybody know how to get a copy of the video?

Among other things, the piece included comments from some of Feynman’s closest friends, and it detailed their fascination with a tiny republic then inside of the Soviet Union, Tannu Tuva, which Feynman had determined to be the most obscure and difficult nation on Earth to travel to — and so, of course, he wanted to go.  The place is known today as Tuva.

No denying the man his orange juice.

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