Trombone time: Dave Finlayson and GoPro on the slide

February 6, 2013

Trombone players are nice guys, usually.  Something about the mellow tone, the difficulty of mastering a non-push-button (valve) instrument, and having to fill in the low parts where the egotistical trumpets can’t go.

My older brother Wes played trombone, and that sucked me in — the junior high band didn’t have any trombones, and some neighborhood fink ratted out that I had one in my closet.  My playing ended in college.  Younger son James played first chair in the Duncanville Wind Ensemble, a group that steps a lot of musicians right into pro slots; older son Kenny switched from trumpet to baritone in the same group (you can hear Kenny in that recording of the Wind Ensemble).  In Kathryn’s family, it’s almost required be a trombonist.  Uncle Darrell plays, still, in a symphony in Utah County, with various other uncles and cousins staffing bands from Ogden south to Provo in Utah.

So, of course, Dave Finlayson’s marriage of a short piece and a GoPro camera appealed to me right off:

You don’t recognize Dave Finlayson?

From GoPro’s site:

David Finlayson set out to make a GoPro video with his trombone and ended up with a surprise – a viral video with hits numbering over one million! Check out the extended cut David and GoPro produced — orchestra night, anyone? David is a trombonist with the New York Philharmonic – check out David’s channel for more videos at


What do your clothes see in the washing machine?

September 15, 2012

Do you ever wonder what  your clothes would see, if they could see, from inside the washing machine?

Dario Viola provides a brief answer, courtesy his waterproof GoPro camera, on Vimeo:

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