Moving Civil War Memory. No, I mean, it’s really moving.

July 22, 2009

Civil War Memory said:

This past weekend I mentioned that there are some big changes to Civil War Memory on the horizon.  Well, today is the day that I announce that Civil War Memory is moving to  All the posts and comments have been moved to the new site, which can be found at   Please update your blogroll as soon as possible.  In about a month I will unveil a brand new theme for the blog.

History, naked again

October 26, 2008

Happy to have noticed that Uncovered History is back in operation. 

Recent Gems:

  • “360th Anniversary of the Peace of Westphalia” – never heard of it?  You’d better read this, then, yes?
  • “Warsaw 1920, a quality read” – What?  Your world history text didn’t mention Poland’s abortive attempt to liberate the Ukraine from the USSR in 1920, nor Lenin’s invasion of Poland and march on Berlin, nor the heroic stand at the Vistula described here as one of the most important military victories in history?  You’e better read this post, too, and maybe buy the book.
  • “The coming anarchy – Kaplan’s piece and the blog” — Robert Kaplan’s article in the 1994 The Atlantic described the woes of Africa.  14 years later, it’s still a good read and full of insight.  I wasn’t thinking of using that in world history in 1994 . . . I wasn’t thinking of teaching in 2008 in 1994.  Eoin Purcell’s reminders and pointers prove useful and informative once again.

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