One view to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

March 10, 2009

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  It sounds like a number Fred Waring’s Glenn Miller’s band could shout out at the end of instrumental verses.  It’s the street address of the White House, not so secretly, and to most fans or other followers of politics, it carries great symbolism.

So a professor at the University of Akron thought it would be a good name for a blog.  It is. The blog is a very good compilation of sources and intriguing commentary.

This item caught my eye yesterday — the least tawdry dealing with this issue I’ve seen in a long time, though some of the portraits pointed to are more impressionistic than history.  The listing alone reveals a lot.  It’s incomplete, of course.  This is the one post probably not suitable for 8th grade U.S. history; it’s already come up in my government classes this year.

Check out the stuff in the widgets — the link to the current feed is a good idea, cool, and by its mere existence, an indicator of the influence of technology on politics.

I’m curious to know how one might use this blog in the classroom.  Got ideas?

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