Texas used to be full of ’em

November 20, 2008

Best of Texas features a tribute to Doug Tinker, “Lookout, Ann Richards, Another Texas Giant is Headed Your Way.”

I hadn’t heard the news (did you even bother to tell us, Dallas Morning News?).  If you’re not steeped in Tejaniana — or Texana, if you prefer — you may not have known about Doug Tinker.

He was the sort of guy who was the best of Texas.  Just telling the truth about him sounds like you’re telling a whopper – but it’s so satisfying to be able to tell such stories and know they’re the truth, too.

Best of Texas had a better vantage point than I had from here in the Bathtub — so read the story there (artfully dotted with links so you can check it out if you don’t think a human being could live that large).  And think:  Where would we be without good friends like Best of Texas, to tell the history worth the listening — and more, where would we be without good people like Doug Tinker, to make the history worth the telling?

Sometimes, people tell history so somebody will repeat it.  Then they tip their champagne bottle with the straw in it to the clouds and say, “Take that! George Santayana!”

The Ghost of Santayana laughs, too.


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