Kearny, NJ, supports voodoo history

A brave kid in Kearny, New Jersey, recorded his high school history teacher doing what can be fairly described as preaching religion instead of teaching history.  That should be good enough warning to good and careful history teachers to keep doing their jobs right.

Some citizens of Kearny, however, take a different view:  On a city-run internet bulletin board the student gets little support, and his father gets threatened.  Jim Lippard at the Lippard Blog has a summary of key details.

And you thought your class a tough room to work?

And a tip of the old scrub brush for tracking the story to Pharyngula.

Postscript:  Does anyone know how to pronounce the name of that town?   Like Kearns, Utah, or is it like Kearny, Nebraska? 

5 Responses to Kearny, NJ, supports voodoo history

  1. […] Paszkiewicz — or virtual carnage in Kearny, N.J. That kid in New Jersey whose town turned on him, on the town’s internet bulletin board, after … He’s still under […]


  2. Ed Darrell says:

    There are good Fisks on Paszkiewicz’s letter at Pharyngula , Dispatches from the Culture Wars, and at Right Wing Watch.

    Looks to me as if he buys Barton, lock, stock and barrel. That’s not history; it’s not even historical fiction. It’s just wrong.


  3. Jim Lippard says:

    Now David Paszkiewicz has publicly responded to the controversy and, no surprise, he’s an advocate of David Bartonesque pseudo-history.


  4. elektratig says:

    I believe it’s “CAR-nee.”


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