A neglected anniversary

Gee, here’s one this blog really should be celebrating: December 28 was the 90th anniversary of the Mencken Fillmore Bathtub Hoax column.

According to the Associated Press, this the historic highlight for December 28:

On Dec. 28, 1917, the New York Evening Mail published “A Neglected Anniversary,” a facetious essay by H.L. Mencken supposedly recounting the history of bathtubs in America. (For example, Mencken “claimed” the first American bathtub made its debut in the Cincinnati home of grain dealer Adam Thompson on Dec. 20, 1842, and that the first White House bathtub was installed in 1851 at the order of President Millard Fillmore.)

We know Mencken was only foolin’.

2 Responses to A neglected anniversary

  1. […] Mencken is the guy who invented the Millard Fillmore bathtub hoax.  So here at Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub, we owe a birthday greeting to the guy, no? […]


  2. […] Mencken is the guy who invented the Millard Fillmore bathtub hoax. […]


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